Combi Boilers for Small and Compact Homes

Combi boiler is a combination boiler because it has the combined functions of a central heating boiler and that of a water heater. The main priority in a combi boiler is given to the hot water supply and unlike the conventional boilers, the combi boiler provides on-demand heating. With the use of a combi boiler, there is no need for a separate water tank for a hot water, as it takes cold water from the main tap and stores it as hot water. The combi boilers are known to be the best and the most common type of boilers that are installed at homes these days; they are highly recommended by engineers mainly because of their compact size, easy to use and easy installation features.

The combi boilers come in three different sizes:

  • 24KW to 27KW
  • 28KW to 34KW
  • 35KW to 42 kW

The size of the combi boiler depends upon the size of the home and most importantly on the number of rooms and bathrooms. The combi boiler, to be honest, is mainly for small houses and flats as it is also compact in size. Those who stay in big houses or have more than two bedrooms in the houses should not get a combi boiler installed, as with the combi boiler one can only use one tap at a time.

Things to know before getting a combi boiler

  • Convenience- The feeling of getting a continuous supply of hot water cannot be explained especially in the peak winters. So no more waiting for hours for the water to get heated, the joy is definitely incomparable.
  • The cost- So the cost of getting the combi boiler is not much, it is quite cost effective and is also eco-friendly. Moreover, the parts of a combi boiler are also easily available and are not that expensive so in case there is any problem, it can easily be fixed.
  • Space- The combi boiler is compact so it can fit anywhere even in a cupboard.
  • Cleaner- The water that comes from the combi boiler is clean as it comes from the pipes directly.

Combi boilers are known to be the most efficient boilers in the market in today’s time, their efficiency is known to be 90 percent which is the highest, moreover installing a combi boiler is great if you want to save energy, enjoy hot water and also want to save the extra cost of maintenance and repair.