What do you means by WhatsApp status?

Are you bored of the classics “available and” busy “? Some people use their profile or WhatsApp status to generate a smile or a laugh at others.” The fact of being alone does not mean I’m available, “he details in his WhatsApp status a woman who at the same time shows the sense of humor, irony, and firmness. And is that in a world in which text messages have become the most used form of communication, the words we choose to accompany our profile picture reveal much more than a passenger state.

How is a WhatsApp status made?

Go to the new ‘States’ tab (which should appear between ‘Chats’ and ‘Calls’) and click on “My status – add a status update”. Then select between photos, videos or GIFs from your gallery or make a new photo or video at that time. Then you can customize your status with text, emoticons or drawings. Once this is done, you can end your status and publish it by clicking on the button that appears in the lower right part of the screen. There is another button in the form of a circle divided into stripes that allows you to update the status.

It will appear as a new tab in the main screen of the application, in the same place where now are the tabs of calls, chats, and contacts, in such a way that it will be easily locatable. To maintain certain privacy, this new functionality will allow choosing who to show the new personalized status among three options: to all contacts, to all contacts except certain users or only to share it with certain people.

Sometimes they are business cards about our attitudes towards life. Taking it with humor “The only reason I’m fat is that my little body cannot contain so much personality,” writes another user humorously. And of course, in the photograph that accompanies the phrase, it shows its generous anatomy.

What is the limit of WhatsApp status?

There is nothing better for a conversation than starting with a smile, so here we present a selection of WhatsApp states that can encourage you to change yours:

“People say that nothing is impossible, but that is not true, I never do anything.”

“Mom, I know you’re reading this, that’s why my state is: Studying …”

“If I wrote it drunk it’s because I thought sober”

“Before I was an indecisive person, I do not know now.”

“What does not kill him, makes him smaller.”

“The one who gets up early … finds everything closed”

“Money does not bring happiness, but when it goes away, it takes it away.”

And although WhatsApp imposes a limit of 139 characters for its users to write their states next to their photograph, as we have seen, the real limit is creativity.

How to prevent someone from seeing my status: from the ‘States’ tab goes to ‘State privacy’ and select between: Let everyone see our states; that everyone, except X contacts, can see our states; Only X contacts can see our states.