What Is The Half Day Diet Plan?

Basically the half day diet plan is a weight loss program which is simplified and written by the fitness champion Nate Miyaki. It means that one half of the day will require a person to diet and the other half of the day doesn’t require any dieting. While this seems like quite an interesting concept, do the people actually lose weight with the half day diet plan? Well, everything has its pros and cons and his entirely depends from person to person if this plan will work out or no because if it is well followed definitely it will show amazing results.

What are the advantages of the half day diet?

  • The structuring of lessons is done well
  • The program has been designed in such a way that it suits the modern lifestyle
  • The content is written in a very humorous way

What does this book contain?

The main book consists of 6 parts with 204 pages. These 6 parts include the following:

Part 1 and part 2: these two sections will contain the introduction and also the background story of the programs origin.

Part 3: this part provides you with the core lessons which are divided into 15 chapters.

Part 4: this contains the appendix for the diet calculations and for a food chart.

Part 5: this section has the problems and how to deal with them.

Part 6: this is the part which gives you some more insight of the biography of the author.

Apart from the main book you are also provided with a few bonus books as part of your purchase, these books are the following:

  • The restaurant and fast food survival guide: this book is like a guide that will tell you how to eat healthy in restaurants. This is a perfect guide for busy individuals who often tend to eat outside food but also want to lose weight.
  • The holiday fat loss manual: basically this book has the tips for you when you are on a vacation with or without your family when you are so tempted to eat the yummy and mouth watering meals.
  • The happy hour handbook: this book will be the guide as to how you can still drink alcohol without ruining your diet plan.

 Further, you are also provided with a 30 day free trial of the Fat Belly Platinum Club Membership, this comes as an advantage as this is a free trial where in you can directly get in touch with Nate and the other members of the community for their piece of advice.